The ClearCert Provider Network

An unparalleled resource

The last thing any training provider wants is an additional set of administrative tasks. But new state laws mandating long-term care training represent both a sales opportunity and a few extra administrative steps for training providers dedicated to service.

Carrier-validated training is a true game-changer - one that requires unprecedented cooperation between training firms. Do carriers benefit from this approach? Absolutely - but so do your students - and so can you.

By joining the ClearCert provider network you demonstrate your commitment to ensuring that your students' carriers will instantly recognize their certification - and you'll enjoy enhanced prestige for your course thanks to the industry's only third-party course certification. These benefits all add up to course sales.

ClearCert Provider Membership

You know your courses meet the new training requirements. Now be sure everyone else does, too.

Almost every state that has implemented mandatory long-term care insurance and/or annuity suitability training requirements specifically approves courses for such use. But few states identify approved courses - and some don't review the content. After all, carriers are responsible for ensuring courses fulfill content requirements and obtain required approvals. ClearCert's course certification is the industry's only third-party course certification - and ensures that everyone will recognize that your course fully meets state content and approval requirements because it's included on our definitive, authoritative course list.

Certificates of completion are printed on the slipperiest paper in insurance-dom.

Why can't your students find their completion certificates when they need them? It's just one of those things. But because you reported each student's completion to the ClearCert database, even if the student forgets they took your course, they can find their way back to you to request a replacement through our transcript service. Even if you drop your training course offerings at some future date, their data will still be safely archived with ClearCert - where their carriers will be able to find it. Just think of all the happy thoughts your students will have about you - thoughts that may lead to repeat students!

Get on the same page.

As a training provider, you enjoy a unique relationship with the state insurance education department. However, you may never talk to representatives of the carriers who are tasked with validating long-term care insurance and suitability in annuity training. Your state contacts want to be helpful, but the carrier's application of state rules is the only one that matters. As a ClearCert provider, you'll receive monthly updates from ClearCert Carrier Council meetings and enjoy instant access to ClearCert's expert staff. Your students won't believe how smart you are.


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