Course Certification & Documentation

Carrier-validated training is not the same thing as continuing education

Recent state and federal regulations make the insurance carrier - not the state department of insurance - accountable for producer training compliance of LTCI and annuity training.

  • Most states do not validate course content or maintain a list of approved courses, leaving this critical step in the hands of the carrier. The insurance carrier must decide which courses to accept and whether producers are in compliance.
  • ClearCert performs the only third-party course certification of carrier-validated courses in the industry. The ClearCert Content Certified seal shows that the associated course fully meets state requirements for content and type of approval, even when reciprocal credit is involved. More than 1,000 providers participate, giving producers and brokers the maximum possible choice of courses.


ClearCert Carrier Membership

Keep Havoc out of your organization

Validating producer compliance gives potential for letting Havoc run rampant through your organization - unless, of course, it's done through ClearCert's vast database of first-generation completion records. Get back to what you do best - growing a top-notch sales organization. ClearCert membership vastly reduces the amount of time and energy your staff must devote to training issues.

Eliminate the headache of reciprocity from your operation

Reciprocal credit for courses completed in other states is a component of every state's training requirements - but calculating whether a producer is in compliance with another state's requirement is anything but straightforward. Give your entire staff access to our Reciprocity Report, which calculates producer can-sell status in any state, for any date - instantly, accurately and consistently -  no matter where training was completed.

Automate the entire validation process

ClearCert's revolution web service application provides sub-second validation for requests from one or more of your system applications. Automatically validate status at appointment, license renewal, contracting, or any other conceivable qualification event.


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