The ClearCert Story

Shared challenges are best met through shared solutions.

ClearCert was founded in response to the 2006 update of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Long Term Care Insurance Model Act. For the first time this Act introduced mandatory training for long-term care producers, which when implemented by any state would also meet the requirement for training stipulated by the Deficit Reduction Act signed into law earlier that same year.

Not only did this Act represent the first time widespread, mandatory training would be required for long-term care insurance producers, the insurance carriers were made responsible for validating training compliance. In the past licensed producers have traditionally been required to validate training compliance directly to the state department of insurance.

In 2010 the NAIC released the Suitability in Annuity Regulation, which included a brand new training requirement for annuity producers which again made carriers responsible for training validation.

In the spirit of the industry's long tradition of cooperation between competitors, ClearCert was founded to serve as an independent clearinghouse through which insurers could share the administrative burdens of training validation while minimizing the potential for different carriers to interpret these rules differently.

Our Mission

ClearCert's mission is to streamline the administration of state-mandated training that our carriers must validate for the benefit of their distributors and producers. 

What We Do

  • 1
    We promote consensus for training rules among participating carriers.
    The ClearCert Carrier Council meets each month, carefully reviewing each state's requirements and publishing standardized rules through ClearCert.
  • 2
    We certify courses for acceptance by participating carriers.
    All providers of courses designed to fulfill carrier-validated training requirements are invited to join ClearCert and submit their courses for content and approval review. A list of Certified courses is published on our web site.
  • 3
    We provide automated validation of producer status.
    ClearCert accepts completion reporting from participating providers and maintains a rules-based system for instantly converting completion data into can-sell status for any state on any date (past, present or future). This real-time, automated validation service is available to participating carriers and their distribution partners (agencies, MGAs and broker-dealers).

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